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Swaledale Mattress

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Swaledale Mattress

  • Breathable Comfort Layer
  • British wool layer blended with soft cotton fibres
  • High performance fibres for responsive support
  • 1000 zoned pocket spring unit
  • Spring insulator pad to protect the spring unit

A premium sleeping solution engineered to transform your night’s sleep, few mattresses compare to the Swaledale. Rest Assured’s remarkable sleeping solution can be relied upon for better sleep quality and quantity, courtesy of an innovative pocket-sprung system and the combination of natural wool and cotton fillings.

1000 pocket springs

The mattress’s core comprises 1000 pocket springs, ensuring tailored support and comfort throughout the night. Each spring reacts independently to body movements, offering fantastic pressure relief and targeted support to the areas of the body that require it most. We find pocket-sprung mattresses particularly popular among couples sharing a bed; as each spring functions separately, your partner’s movements won’t impact your night’s sleep and vice-versa.

Natural fillings

One of the mattress’s many standout features is the inclusion of wool and cotton, offering unprecedented levels of comfort. Compared to synthetic materials, natural fillings are recognised for their enhanced comfort offerings. Moreover, wool and cotton are renowned for their temperature-regulating properties and ability to wick away moisture, paving the way for a cool and fresh sleeping environment regardless of the season. The mattress is hand tufted, a process synonymous with premium mattresses, which ensures the mattress isn’t susceptible to sagging.


The Swaledale is single-sided, meaning all of the mattresses’ qualities are engineered towards a single side, ensuring no need to flip the mattress. However, it is advised that the mattress is rotated to preserve its lifespan, a process made easier by the handles on either side of the mattress.

Is this mattress suitable for me?

The Swaledale features a medium tension, ideally suited for front and back sleepers. The firm sleeping surface evenly distributes body weight and promotes healthy spinal alignment whilst sleeping in these positions. For side sleepers, we recommend a softer mattress that can provide cushioned hip and shoulder support.


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